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Question for Australians

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Feb 14, 2005
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Was wondering how you access cattle market info in your country. Do you have a central market agency that publishes prices as in the US? Is this info available online? If so could you drop us a link? Am interested in being able to follow your prices and relate them to the changing value of the US dollar. Thanks

The dollar has not had the effect it could have, in fact the weather has had a bigger effect of late .
Thank you Tully, but you did not answer my question. I want to be able to minitor your cattle market. Thanks Buck
There are market reporting sections in this site & you can receive a weekly market summary ,the eastern states young cattle index is the quote used by the futures market .
hope this helps
Thanks Tully, I missed the site the first time around. I'm not the greatest computer operator. I find the site most interesting. Now if I can master the lingo.

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