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Question for BSE Tester

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Feb 14, 2005
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Dear BSE Tester if your urine test works so well on livestock it seems that it may have application in human screening. Have you done any studies to see if it could be applied in human medicine? If in fact we coiuld test humans easily and rapidly before they showed symptoms we could track the disease backwards and solve many problems and diseases.
I would like to know if it is in the blood that carries it to every muscle in an animals body then why is there not a blood test? Much easier and safer to get a sample of blood than it is to get a unine sample from a possibily infected animal.
First of all, our test was indeed initiated with testing on human patients at the Prion Surveillance Center in Cleveland. A large number of patients were tested and the findings have been published in the Journal of The Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. I am currently in discussion with the same laboratory for the purpose of beggining full scale trials and validation specifically for CJD. Our test was designed first and formost for the detection of the prion in CJD patients.

Tam, a good question and the simply answer is "Yes," prions are carried throughout the body through the blood system. As for testing blood, you are correct in that blood is easier to get but unfortunately, not so easy to test. Blood is a highly complex matrix and carries many nutrients including numerous "other" proteins." The test would certainly work well in blood but the down-side is that there is far too great a risk in having false positives occuring due to high concentration of other proteins. Urine is actually easy to collect. It is done with a Neilsen Tube which is inserted into the urethra and down into the bladder. Usually this is done when the animal is detained in the squeeze.

I hope this answers your questions. Ron.
It is done with a Neilsen Tube which is inserted into the urethra and down into the bladder.
Just how many bulls have you done this to without getting you head kicked off?
bse-tester said:
Fourteen and then I got my head kicked off. I died of course as losing one's head will do that. Now the vet does it.
Well imagine that wonders never cease. Texas had a dead cow that could walk with a wobble and Canada not to be out done has a Dead man that can type. :wink: :lol: I was just asking as I think that would be a pretty risky venture for just about anyone. :eek: :shock:

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