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Question for I guess you Hay Maker..........

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Apr 9, 2005
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South Central Texas, former South Dakotan
Since you live closest that i can think of....anyway, whats the name of that good BBQ place between Boerne and San Antonio along the interstate. If I hear the name I'll know, but its a damn good place you go in and get it by the pound or whatever you want....you walk through a line and they sorta slop it on your plate??? Its on the left hand side as your traveling into San Antonio on I-10. Its just outside of Boerne.....closer to Boerne than to San Antiono.

I realize there are prolly tons of BBQ places in that stretch, but this is a well known one!!!

It's not Rudy's i don't think....damn why can't i think of the place.....arrghhh!! :mad:
Well..... "takes one to know one" might apply here....lol or...."i feel your pain" dont worry..happens to the best of us ...n I have been lookin for bbq places near boerne...but all I can come up with is someplace called Tri county life tyme bbq....the name of the place will come to you bout 3 am
TXTibbs said:
how come Hay Maker won't reply to this..... :???: :???: :???: :roll: :wink: :D

He fell asleep at his desk by his plastic cowboy hat.
TXTibbs said:
Damn and he has all the answers!!!....i just know he has eaten at this damn place i'm trying to think of. :???:

Damn, maybe it is Rudy's, but i dont' think so......wake the hell up Hay Maker!! haha :lol:

Sounds like you need to eat a spoon or two of Tang powder to calm down. :wink: Are you a student in TX? You mentioned Christmas break.
No, i'm not a student...I graduated December 2001 from South Dakota State University. And when i refer to Christmas break...that is the one time a year that i get to go home (South Dakota). I'd like to go home more, but the 1100 miles between here and there is a long %&^*$ drive!!! I work for the NRCS down here in Texas since June 30th of 2002.
hell...i dunno i had been saying Rudy's all along, but i guess i was so impressed with it cause we don't have them up north...never actually been or seen one anywhere else either than ant Leon Springs.....

Thanks Hay Maker for clearing that up....

:wink: :D

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