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Question for Shelly, Mike, Big Muddy Rancher

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That is an incredible phenotype on the bull you pictured. What's the name of the bull.


The bull you have pictured, what is the frame score to give me an idea how much depth it has? What is the name of that bull? Nice quarter!


What's the name of your well muscled bull?

SH, don't know. I just like the way he looked. Maybe I'll have to pull out the semen catalogues and see if he's in any of them.
We were talking about that before. Denny picked the same bull I did, Their were alot of guesses but I think those that know thought it was Twin Valley Max i think. One guess was Alberda Travler but altho close I don't think it was. Good to have you back and Good Luck finding the car. Geez now I sound like Haymaker :cowboy:
I've had a run in with both a mountain lion and a couple of bobcats. Working south of Livingston, I was checking the horses and found one of the mules completely and freshly gutted. I had kind of an erie feeling. Looking around the carcass I found tracks and blood trailing away. I think the mule got in a parting shot.

Years before I was lambing for my uncle. The drop bunch was in one side of the barn and the pairs were in the other side. I went in for the 2 o'clock and everything was fine. Went in for the 4 o'clock, saw bobcat tracks and a blood trail leading right out the front door of the barn!
SH, That bull is HBR Big Mack 797. His frame score is 7.5. He was bred by Dr. Harlin Rodgers in Mississippi. I had lunch today with Dr. Rodgers and the bull came up in conversation. Never was a big semen seller.

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