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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
Last wednesday I got a phone call, that Mr Lilly's Auto Mechanics teacher in high school had passed away. His son called. Asking if Gary would be a pall bearer. This man meant an awful lot to Mr Lilly. He was always there at the drag races....helping....He was at every dirt track race Mr Lilly drove in while we were in West Texas....he worked on the car...helped out in anyway he possibly could. He was always the man (besides his dad) that he called upon when he needed a question answered about a motor...or how to set up a race car. They wanted to us Mr. Wolfe's 1947 Mercury that he'd restored in the funeral. But some lil something needed fixed. And they asked Mr. Lilly to do it. This is a car that sat in the auto mechanic shop at school.....all the kids...Mr Lilly included...always begged him to let them work on it. It was completely taken apart at that time. And the answer was always NO. LOL So...we dropped everything...and drove the 525 miles to my home town. Spent some time with the family....they wanted Mr Lilly to go thru Mr. Wolfe's shop at home and pretty much get whatever he wanted. We will be making another trip...because honestly it was too soon to do all that...in respect for the family. He did get a couple things.....but they want him to have most of it....a lifetime of flathead motors collected...rebuilt....some in need of rebuilding...etc. and parts for days!
Every time Mr. Lilly would sit down and call Mr. Wolfe on the phone....I just thought it was so neat that he such a mentor. A Life long mentor. Not many people can say at our age that they still give their old highschool teachers a ring, just to chat...or for important information regarding a motor. they were good friends....he will truely be missed.

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