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Feb 13, 2005
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R-CALF raises $10k in MO

"Blaze," R-CALF USA's Missouri Mascot,

Introduced at Fund-Raisers Totaling $10,000

April 9, 2005

Billings, MT ~ Cattle producers in the "Show Me" state introduced the Missouri Mascot for R-CALF USA – a stuffed steer named "Blaze" – that was used to generate $10,000 and more than 150 new members for the fastest growing cattle producers' organization in the nation.

R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard was the featured speaker during three producer meetings held in Missouri on Feb. 22 and Feb. 23, 2005, where cattlemen gathered to listen and learn about R-CALF.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your industry is on the cusp of great change," said Bullard. "Through R-CALF USA, cattlemen everywhere are speaking out with one voice about the issues that impact your business."

On Feb. 22, in Higginsville, Mo., about a dozen area cattle producers hosted an event that generated a great deal of interest across the countryside. The meeting resulted in the addition of 39 new members to R-CALF USA's roster and contributions of $2,600.

"Bill Bullard is very knowledgeable about the issues and he speaks well to cattlemen," said Gary Mahnken, R-CALF USA membership chair for the state of Missouri "We're very pleased with the support received."

Later the same day, at MO-KAN Livestock Passaic, Mo., 35 new members joined R-CALF USA, and nearly $3,100 was raised to benefit the organization.

On Feb. 23, the Harrison County Cattlemen in Bethany, Mo., added 56 new members and raised $4,300 for R-CALF USA. Dennis Puppe, HCC president, said the meeting was an educational event that stirred great interest amongst producers.

R-CALF USA supporter Chris Arnaman helped organize the series of meetings.

"We enjoyed a great turnout," he said. "Most folks don't realize that Missouri is second only to Texas in cow inventory; however, our average cow herd size is 40 head.

"There are a lot of producers in Missouri, but they have not been educated about R-CALF USA, and that's why these events were planned," Arnaman continued. "We need to recognize our new Missouri mascot for R-CALF, 'Blaze,' for helping blaze so many new members into the R-CALF herd."

Jim Stulz, another strong R-CALF USA supporter, also assisted with the events.

"These meetings exceeded my expectations," he said. "Virtually everyone that showed up became a member, and our little mascot Blaze did wonders. Everywhere we went people were willing to support their industry," Stulz continued. "Out west, they have live calf sales to raise money, but here in Missouri we use a stuffed mascot to recruit members."

"Blaze" was auctioned off following each of the meetings to help raise funds for R-CALF USA. Supporters say "Blaze" will be back soon on the fund-raising trail in Missouri.

Source: R-CALF

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