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R-CALF lies again...........

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Ironically, in their "Myth" vs. "Fact" section of their Cattlemen's Newsletter, R-CULT lies about the impact of "M"COOL.

Because the fact that only 5% of our U.S. beef consumption would be labeled as U.S. product under the flawed "M"COOL law makes such a mockery out of the law, R-CULT has to lie about this fact to keep their supporters gathered.

MYTH: (according to R-CULT): "Because such a large percentage of the imported product will be exempt and the vast majority of the product in the retail meat case would carry the U.S. label, mandatory COOL will just homogenize our brand and mike it meaningless. Worse yet, we've paid for it (because the cost of business will be pushed down to the cow-calf operator) instead of paying for it. For adding value to our product by producing higher quality, source-verified cattle, we should receive a return on our investment instead of being stuck with added cost and 2) Our country was founded on free enterprise, not socialism or isolationism. We need to let the free market system in this country decide the value of origin labeling.

FACT: (according to R-CULT): "In 2002, prior to the Canadian BSE problems, the U.S. imported 2.6 million cattle and 3.5 billion pounds of beef. This represents nearly 18% of all beef consumed. Cattle imports represented nearly 9% of all the cattle processed in the U.S. and it is well understood that the subsequent beef products would find their way proportionately to the meat counter, i.e., one would expect 9% of the beef at retail to be from imported cattle and and additional 2-4% from beef imports. That is well over 50% of imported- source beef will be labeled."

This would assume that all of the live cattle imports would find their way to the retail meat counter WHEN IT IS WELL UNDERSTOOD THAT 50% OF ALL THE BEEF CONSUMED IN THE U.S. FINDS IT'S WAY TO "FOOD SERVICE" which is exempt from labeling under "M"COOL. That means that only 4.5% of the imported live cattle would find their way to the retail beef counter, not the full 9%.


Now consider that the bulk of the beef that is imported into this country is lean trimmings from Austalia and New Zealand. Over 90% of this beef finds it's way to food service establishments where it would be exempt from Country of Origin Labeling. That adds another half of a percent for a total of 5% our total U.S. beef consumption labeled as "imported" under this flawed law.


It's not at all unreasonable to assume that the percentages would be lower than 5% if imported cattle are funneled towards food service.

R-CULT intentionally lied to producers again by suggesting that all the imported cattle would end up at the retail meat counter which is absolutely untrue. Another deceptive R-CULT ploy to save further embarrassment of just how small a percentage of the beef consumed in the U.S. would be affected by this law.

This organization has no shame when they will try to correct a fact, which they call a myth, WITH A LIE!



Here's another R-CULT lie..........

By Wes Ishmael (the part Hayseed didn't claim as his own quotes):

If you'll remember, R-CALF brought the complaint, arguing in part, that USDA's proposed minimum-risk rule threatened the safety of the U.S. cattle herd and beef supply. On March 3, the district court in Montana issued the temporary injunction saying in part, "The serious irreparable harm that will occur when Canadian cattle and meat enter the U.S. and commingle with the U.S. meat supply justifies the issuance of a preliminary injunction preventing the expansion of imports allowed under the final rule pending a review of the merits," No science, no proof, just this dubious conclusion that the appellate court recently refuted.

Where is this irreparable harm you R-CULT supporters???


Our calves sold for $8/cwt more this year WITH AN OPENED BORDER, than they did last year WITH A CLOSED BORDER.

Why do you guys keep gobbling up everything this lying bunch tells you???

They have no credibility against the facts.


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