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R-CALF on RFD-TV Again

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December 5, 2005 Phone: 406-672-8969; e-mail: [email protected]

Third Installment of “R-CALF USA Live!”
Slated for Monday Evening on RFD-TV Network

(Billings, Mont.) – R-CALF USA will make its third live appearance on RFD-TV Monday evening, Dec. 12, with another hour-long installment of “R-CALF USA Live!” at the NorthStar studios in Nashville, Tenn.

“R-CALF USA Live!” is a call-in show featuring in-depth discussions on the hot issues that impact independent U.S. cattle producers,” explained R-CALF USA Communications Coordinator Shae Dodson, who will host the show. “We’ll take calls during the second half of the show, when the toll-free call-in number will be posted onscreen.”

The program will be broadcast live at 8 p.m. EST, and will repeat periodically over the next week or so. On the DISH Network, viewers can watch the program on Channel 9409, and on DIRECTV, viewers can tune in to Channel 379 to catch the show.

Also on the show will be R-CALF USA President-Elect Chuck Kiker, of Beaumont, Texas; R-CALF USA Vice President-Elect Max Thornsberry, DVM, of Richland, Mo.; and R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard.

“We’re going to discuss what differentiates R-CALF from other cattle-producer groups,” said Kiker. “R-CALF represents producers – large and small – who actually make their living on the tractor or in the pick-up tending to their cattle herds every single day, come rain or shine, as well as the folks who run the independent feedlots and sale barns around the country.”

Other topics of discussion will include animal identification, source verification and country-of-origin labeling, global trade issues, improvements to the current Beef Checkoff program, and the upcoming annual convention in Denver.

Thornsberry traveled to three Central American countries this past summer to research how the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) would impact not only those nations, but U.S. cattle producers as well. He will present a brief outline of the potential he saw for CAFTA, as well as some problems domestic producers need to be aware of.

“The show will be a great opportunity for cattle producers to learn how they can have a positive influence in shaping the future of their industry,” said Thornsberry. “We want to clear the air for the folks who’ve been misled about our organization and what we represent.”

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