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R-calf wants no Meat

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canadian angus

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northwest Saskatchewan
Check it out all, no beef from Canada........... Period. Wouldn't that make you all hug your American cousins. Tired of the lies, and lies and lies. Perhaps they should enlist and see the real world.


CA, dont tell them about the boxed stuff. We should be back to normal prices in a couple weeks, and shipping everything out in a box. In the mean time with fats dropping off to 65cents, the packers are making big profits. Dont you wish we had that plant in Edm running to take advantage of these prices. My biggest concern right now is how this will affect the bulls sales. People always price the purchase price of a bull against current market, when the real value in a bull is 2-3 years away.
:D Relax Sampson, us purebred guys are always the ones in the money, don't you know.

Seriously though, keep your chin up and your phone hung on your ear. Every minute spent promoting your bulls now is crucial.

Finally got some posters made, and am on a mission to put yours and mine up in the farm stores today.


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