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R outraged over small $4.7 mil, Obama Ed funding request !!

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
Obama wants small education funding increase from $2.9mil to $4.7 mil, Republicans are outraged!

U.S. Taxpayers Subsidizing Education Costs for China,

The Obama administration is spending $2.9 million in fiscal year 2011 to fund the Peace Corps program in China, and it has requested an increase to $4.7 million to fund Peace Corps operations in China for FY 2012.

Coffman said he was "shocked" to learn on a recent trip to China that millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are being used to defray China's higher-education costs, at a time when the U.S. government is short of money to fund its own higher education system.

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) is asking President Obama to immediately suspend the U.S. Peace Corps program in China, where American volunteers are restricted to teaching English in Chinese universities.

another outrageous program that has been going on for decades..
thankfully someone in congress is finally speaking out!

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