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All afternoon was windy and cloudy, with sprinkles-- Just looked out and its actually rain coming down pretty good- isn't supposed to amount to much but sure makes things smell good... My bedtime- need to crawl in bed and listen to the rain coming down...

Rancher- Faster Horses- I hope you guys in the south corner get some of this....
Nothing puts me to sleep better than listening to rain on an old tin roof,after a little whiskey and a hard days work..........good luck
Actually, it's better to wake up to rain drumming on the roof, because then you can roll over and go back to sleep. Around here, that means a day off!
Actually, it started raining here a little bit ago. Don't know how long it will last but we are sure glad to see it come. It got pretty darn warm here today. The grass is trying to green up, so this should really give it a shot~if it will last at all. It is just raining down really nice. South of us they had some lightening!

Liberty Belle, I think it is going on to you as well.

rained all morning long here in the madison valley and around noon it turned to the big, fluffy, white flakes of snow....most melted immediately, but when it did decide to stick, we ended up with a few inches of delicious wet snow :D :D :D YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
Couldn't resist from puttin' this one on here as it's the title of an older poem that I wrote at the end of a drought while watching my 3 little boys splash in the mud in their underwear! Still makes me smile. One of those little fellers is now 5 years onto the way to becoming a priest, one is a new father of my month old grandson and one is getting married this June! Oh my, how time flies!


The rains that fall are the best of all
They make a cowman smile
He slops thru' the mud as happy as a stud
Who's been turned with the mares for a while

The rancher putters in the shop amid the slop
And he hums a happy tune
You can't make him mad or even very sad
City folk think he's a loon!

But now the grass will grow, this he'll know
His cattle will fatten, not die
And he might make a dime for all of his time
He grins as he looks at the sky

City folk don't like rain, they think it's a pain
Us cowboys watch it and grin
City folks don't know that it makes things grow
God will forgive them that sin

So if you see a man in a hat and he's not too fat
And he's wearin' a great big grin
It means his cattle sold well or it's rainin' like hell
Or............... it's set in to rainin' again!
Liberty Belle said:
Oldtimer, send some of that rain over this way. My kids have forgotten what it sounds like and the grandkids don't know what it is....

Liberty Belle--I think its pushing toward you-- didn't get a gully washer- but did end up with almost 1/2 an inch-- even puddles standing around in places.... I think the grass has jumped 6" overnight....
JingleBob, I really liked your RAIN poem and I think we can all identify with what you put to rhyme.

BTW, I ran into Jody Strand the other day and told her I had given our Co. Agent some info on you so they would consider you for our Town and Country Day entertainment. She thought that was a good idea, but she says you can only come if you PROMISE not to talk about you and she in Elko. I guess you know the whole story...
Buckskin said:
Did you get half inch? It didn't even get the ground wet up here, you must be living right.

Buckskin- Glasgow got .46-- down here on the river south of town it was over 1/2 inch-- even had puddles standing in the yard-- Grandkids were out this afternoon collecting angle worms that had come to the surface.. north ranch (30 miles north) got .35....Actually the weather bureau is now showing us above normal for moisture for the year--Predicting more toward the end of the week-- I hope so....
Spring must definitely be here- Cranes have been going over steady for the last week......
I must live closer to Buckskin as the Big Muddy is dusty. We didn't get any rain. just starting to calve so putting some hours in the saddle. Easy to go to bed earilier these nights. :cowboy:
am i the only one of these boards who woke to a bucketload of snow on tuesday morning?? :shock: :shock: awoke and found about 2-3 inches on the ground and that did not count the stuff that fell during the night and melted off before it began to stick!! all was melted in the valleys by noon, but the mountains are still covered!! Wwwhewwwwww!! sure do need it...hope the rest of you in drought get some too!!

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