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Apr 20, 2005
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North Western SD
Overnight we got nearly an inch of rain. Was sure nice to see as the brome grass is just wanting to start to head, and the alfalfa is on the go. The pastures needed it as well. We worked heifers this week and the corrals were sure dusty. I sure hope most everyone got some.
Yeah for you!!!!! Maybe a quarter inch here.... We'll take anything..Run the kids outta the hayfield last night about 11:00 pm.... And a little sprinkle during the night. Spring wheat is still in the running....
We got .4 but that is almost like having only 1 bite of a prime rib. We have clover everywhere but it got about 8" tall and burned up. Didn't even flower. I have no plans on even dragging the haying equipment out. The best I have wouldn't make 1/3 bale to the acre. It is getting frustrating because it is raining around us but not on us. I guess this is what Dad meant when he said every cloud has a hole in it right over Grindstone.
Our alfalfa burned up too. We might have got enough to settle the dust. Neighbor to the south is grazing his hay fields now. I'm gonna feed as long as I can but its getting old, not looking forward to weaning early and feeding again but its not looking good.
I've got a coffee cup for a rain gauge and since friday evening it's 1/2 full close to 2 inches and its still raining it was getting dry here but not as bad as other areas.

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