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Apr 24, 2009
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We moved most of the cows Wednesday, in a down pour. I knew I hadn't gotten all of them, but left the gate open, hoping that the last of them would drift through. Went back out Sunday morning, and pushed the tail enders in.


Found the first 2 pair, after about an hour of riding.




My helpers for the day. The horse I am riding is a University of Nebraska grad. He was started in a class down there. Has an awesome handle, just hasn't seen much of the great outdoors. The dog, Squeek, is our long range missile. Probably isn't what most of you would consider a good dog, but I can send him across the canyons, or out in the swamps, and he will stay with the critters, until they are back to me. Lisa got to ride her Blue horse that day. The colt she has been riding ran a stick down his hoof. :evil:


The view of where I found the cows from.



Trying to find a way to the bottom, with out riding all the way around. It didn't work. In all it took us 2 hours to get back to where I found the first cows, and we only ended up with 4 pair total. All in all, a pretty nice day.
gcreekrch said:
Where's your 'Man From Snowy River' spirit? :p

Nice country, thanks for posting.

I lost the idea of playing Man From Snowy River last Wednesday. I slid down to the bottom of one of the canyons, in the rain, then thought I was going to have to call for backup. Poor pony was wedged between a burned Pine tree, and the side of the bank.
Soapweed said:
Nice pictures. Did your friend from the Netherlands get a chance to ride? He sure can make a horse come alive with paint and a canvas.

Ditto on the nice pictures. Post some pics of the pics...
Beautiful country. Definitely better cow country than our little fields here in the east. :? Some guys have all the luck!
Did your friend from the Netherlands get a chance to ride? He sure can make a horse come alive with paint and a canvas.

Yeppers, he got to ride in the rain last Wednesday, and hasn't ridden much since. He has gotten to where he isn't too bad of a cow hand. The 2nd was the first time he had ever moved cattle.

You guys can get a lot better view of his paintings by going to his web site.

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