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Sep 8, 2008
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Where I Am
Great to see this corner of the big old internet is still alive and well. We have purchased our first home, flooded the basement of said home, and remodeled basement of said home so far this year. Added a fourth baby. 2 boys and 2 girls now. Positively perfect creatures. I quit construction for a while and hauled cattle. Always have wanted to do that. Really enjoyed it, saw a lot of country, moved a lot of beef, and my wife wasn't too thrilled with my time away.

So I'm back in a crane again, and I have less a plan for the future than ever. Odd how one can be so sure of life at a young age and become progressively more confused as time passes.

But, the main thing is keeping food and shoes rolling into the home and trying to get all the time I can with the wee ones before they're off on their own adventures.

Only critter we own now is a heeler pup. Boy she is sharp and energetic. Perfect fit for the crazy house we run. I keep trying to find ways back into cow raising, but it seems that's just an expensive hobby we can't afford with so many mouths to feed. I wished I would have enjoyed it more when we had big ranches leased and I could ride out or drive through any old day. I guess that's a lesson in enjoying the present moment.

Hope you all sold your calves at the top a few weeks ago, and enjoy a prosperous holiday season.
You could always open a dog grooming business,

You were pretty good at grooming those Poodles when you were showing.😂

Enjoy those kiddos, while they are young,
Thanks for checking in with us, always good to hear from the old timers.
Yeap, we are still in Colorado. Just on the very far eastern edge of it now. I recently remarked to my wife that being married to me was certainly an adventure, if not a rather difficult endeavor. We really don't have a single thing to complain about, I am simply a perfectionist, but an abused 1957 home requires a little TLC and a long timeline to bring up to snuff with a tight budget. Still, night and day from when we moved in, and no one will sleep cold this winter!

Working up a business plan where I can focus my energy in the coming decade to hopefully build a successful financial enterprise. I am about to have three decades under my belt, best get cracking!

Good to hear from all you regulars, sad to see how many are no longer here. Nothing lasts forever as they say, glad for the good times while we had them. Enjoy the chats that still can be had.

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