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Re-visiting Instrument Grading

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Feb 14, 2005
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Stratford, Texas

In response to your statement that the PM Beef Group found instrument grading yielded a lower "quality grade" from the camera than from the USDA grader. So, what is your point?

Question: When was that? Was it in the last 4 years or the last two years, just when was that?

Reason: When the camera first came out, the accuracy was somewhat less than accurate, so I can believe your statement.

However, according to the latest data(and I think this is taken from RMS Research's literature as repeated from USDA), the accuracy on the measurements taken by the camera are in the very high 90's for accuracy. This has happened in the last year.

What is wrong with having an accurate call on quality grade....especially from an unbiased measuring tool??

If we are to improve this industry, then the measurements should be accurate. If there was not a problem with the present system of grading, then why does an industry propose the "adoption of the use of instrument vision grading technologies to assist the industry towards an objective, consistent system for evaluating beef quality characteristics"?

The markets are demanding a change!!

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