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Reaction to Obama's Bin Laden Ad

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Feb 10, 2005
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Arianna on Monday criticized the Obama campaign for questioning whether or not Mitt Romney would have killed Osama bin Laden in a recent attack ad.

Appearing on 'CBS This Morning', she said, "Using the Osama bin Laden assassination, killing, the great news that we had a year ago, in order to say basically that Obama did it and Romney might not have done it ... to turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do."

She compared the ad to one that the Hillary Clinton campaign aired during the 2008 election.

"It's the same thing that HIllary Clinton did with the 3 A.M call, you know, 'you are not ready to be commander-in-chief'," she said.

Discussing the negative effects of such ads, Arianna said, "It's also what makes politicians and political leaders act irrationally when it comes to matter of war, because they're so afraid to be called wimps that they make decisions which are incredibly destructive to the country. I'm sure the president would not have escalated in Afghanistan if he was not as concerned as Democrats are that Republicans are going to use not escalating against them in a campaign."

Do you think maybe Ms. Huffington thinks Obama is SPIKING THE BALL?
I wonder what she thinks of Biden wanting to put GM is Alive Osama is dead on a bumper sticker. :?

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