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Real bad farm accident

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Feb 10, 2005
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Got news last night of a friend of ours who lives about 15 miles east of us that had been in a bad farm accident. Seems he was unhooking his bale shredder and the forks on the back of it crushed him. He was rushed to the hospital but died upon arrival. He was only 40 years old and leaves a young family behind. Very sad! This time of year is bad because everyone is in a hurry. Take time and slow down it could save your life.
i have all too often heard and even seen the results of these horrible, tragic accidents....just a few years ago, a neighboring rancher had his 3 year old grandson with him in the tractor (open top, no less) and the child slipped, fell under the tractor and was crushed....will never forget the looks on the faces of the family and their indescribable pain....my heart and prayers go to your friend's family!!!! :cry: :cry:
We all know too many of those stories. We just have to learn to slow down and don't take chances. Ranching/farming is one of the most dangerous of occupations. We had that terrible tragedy with those 4 kids losing their parents and not long after that, a rancher from North Dakota had a wreck on a four-wheeler and now is paralyzed from the chest down.

America has set aside a Farm Safety Week every year, to remind us about being careful. So much of what happens could have been prevented.
It is a sad deal...fatigue plays a big factor in those accidents I think...I think we've all been there during the busy times during the year when sleep seems like it will never be here and it's easy to make that one mistake at that time. Seems like it's easy to think "it will never happen to me"...we've already had two farm accidents in my area this year, both with young families and both could have been prevented, but....my heart goes out to your neighbor's family... :(

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