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Recent hoaxes I love to hate.

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southwest Manitoba
This is in the same vein as the "catch phrase" thread.

There are a few things that have "happened", in recent history, that I consider to be MASTER hoaxes and perfect examples of propaganda, media hype, manipulation of perception, or whatever you choose to call them.

1) Global warming/climate change..... Any thinking person need look no further than the fossil record to realize that climate change has occured, off and on, for eons before human activity could have possibly had any effect on climate change.Yet governments and industry are spending billion$ on this crap. :shock:

2) The banning of R-12 refridgerant.....Relates directly to hoax number 1. Funny how the patent was about to run out on it just before it was banned. :???:

3) Y2K........Classic!!!!!!!! My Dad and I each owned virtually identical 1996 Dodge trucks in 1999. He was convinced that if he didn't get his "Y2K compliant" it would not even start on Jan. 01/2000. He spent $900.00 doing so as well as buying a generator and several cases of really crappy canned beef stew. I did nothing to my pickup...never spent a dime making it "Y2K" compliant. His flashed right up on New Years morning 2000.......and so did mine.

4) BSE. The jury is maybe still out on this one but I suspect that history will ,at some point in the future, show it to be another crock of BS.

Perhaps some of you can think of more.........some recent developments in the pharmaceutical industry are a little odd in my opinion...... :wink:
Tim - i posted this book title several months ago but your thread made me think it was time to promote it again.

"Trashing the Planet" is the title and the author is/was Dixie Lee Ray, who i think was Governor of some western state some years ago. (You Americans can correct me on this.)

The book gave the "other" side of the story on environmental issues, the side that doesn't make the mainstream headlines.

Has anyone else read this book? I read it in the late 80's, if my memory serves me correctly.
I read it long ago, and have it on my "to read again" list.....hopefully soon, as it seems the Earth Worshippers are gearing up for another go at more controls on any beneficial uses of "mother earth".


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