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Record Temps

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Felt like June today- wonder how hot June will be... Tied a 105 year old record for a high-- 69 degrees last set in 1900--- My thermometer at the house got to 71-- Almost too hot- those old fat pregnant mommas were all laying around panting like a dog---Now waiting for the cold front thats dropping in from Canada- bringing rain and maybe snow....
Well it is 10:20 p.m., still 60 degrees outside and the wind is blowing 1000 mph. Liar McGuire has been promising all day 100 percent chance of moisture tonight, along with tomorrow. Look on DTN, and can't see where will it be coming from???? I guess we'll see if DTN is lying or if McGuire is. Let you all know in the morning. With any storm comin' on, usually the calves are born the day before, and not during (just personal experience). Hope all of you get a good nights' rest tonight, may the babies be born both front feet first, and not too big.

Hanta Yo
10:35 p.m. and not a cloud in the sky...wind blew like crazy, but no moisture anywhere in sight...took dad home to north dakota on the 9th and 10th and could not believe the moisture in nw northdakota...water was STANDING in the fields, there was still snow on the ground and more on the way...yeah, i was more than a tad jealous....crossed the border back into montana at fairview and it was someone flipped a switch...sunny, warm and dust storms everywhere....so, who here in montana ticked off old mother nature???!!
Nothing last night, light snow this morning. Looks like we aren't going to get a whole lot of moisture out of this :cry: At least the wind isn't blowing very hard, just a light breeze. :shock:
We ended up with enough to get the ground wet last night- but with the wind howling it wouldn't even stick to your feet this morning-- weather bureau says officially it was .05-- predicting snow flurries for tonight...
We also had some rain last night. Right now the wind is blowing 30 mph. It is 36 degrees. Partly cloudy. Glad to be in the house out of the WIND.

Do you suppose all this wind just MIGHT change our weather pattern? I see where we are up to 40% chance of moisture in a day or two. That is up from the 20% chance listed last night.

How about you, rancher? Did you get any moisture? This is the third time this week we have had a bit. My husband says you gotta prime the pump. Hopefully, this is priming it.
FH, If I tipped the dog food pan I could probably get a couple teaspoons water out of it this morning. Looks like it is going around the south of us today. Seems like a wall it runs into when it his this area. Talking lows in the mid teens for next week.
it was 2 degrees above here this morning with a stiff NW breeze have been out all night calving my a-- is dragging today think I'll take a nap might be a rough night AGAIN....

Tried the vicks vapor rub on a heifer by golly that worked.Now you dont dare go in with her sometimes they sure are hard headed

Had another cow had to take her calf to warm it up and she was kickin the heck out of it when I gave it back to her. so I used the Border Collie treatment on her and that worked so its not so bad.
ranchwife said:
....so, who here in montana ticked off old mother nature???!!

Ranchwife- I would offer my opinion in answer to your question, but we would have to switch over to "Bull Session" to keep it appropriate! :wink:

I hope you do get rain.

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