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Red River, are you for real?

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Apr 20, 2005
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North Western SD
Red River, are you for real? Because I have never listened to someone gripe as much as you. You sound like a team roper with a bad steer. :cry:

I really think you should settle down with all the name calling, rude comments, and downing the good old USA. I hate to bring it up, but God forbid, if Canada should ever get attacked like England, Egypt, and the USA did, by these crazy terrorists. Who would be the first country to come to your rescue.

You may not agree with what we always do or say, but the way you are acting, won't fix anything.

So please have a little respect.
With my first comment, I am not putting down Canada or any Canadian, or the Canadian Rancher. Just trying to make a point.
Red Rooster appears to be quite enamored with the sound of his own voice or the depth of his own thoughts. Must be one of them Bantam Roosters my wife thinks.
Rumpranger is just another gay homosexual liberal, that is so unbelievably arrogant ,that he just can't get his head around the fact that normal people don't share his skewed opinions. :roll:
It's pathetic. :lol:

Didja' post your real name yet, RUMPRANGER???? :D :D
Redriver your a pathetic joke. Your an embarassment to all Canadians. Take a hike, Im getting tired of the crap you post. I am seriously starting to think you are just some 15 year old kid just looking to get attention and stir up trouble. No level headed farmer would talk the way you do. Perhaps you and that Liberal Caroline Parish should shack up and move to some desserted island where you could live happily ever after.

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