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redneck video game (hope ya like it)!!!

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Feb 10, 2005
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ennis, montana
greetings, all!! thought i'd lighten up the conversations by posting something i found on another site....it's pretty addictive, so be careful...not for the faint of heart, either!! LOL!!!


give it a try...hope i copied it down correctly so it works....if not, i will try again!!

damn...never claimed to be a computer geek!!! Let's try again....


will give it a try!!!
thanks ranchwife, my daughter just killed four hundred, just like our house in September, you just can't wait for the frost to git rid of them. Do they have one for Millers, They have been the worst since the drought. Those SOBS hide in your coffee cup, and anything in your cupboard. I hate choking on a Miller.
Thank you Ranchwife. For fun try mousing in that game with your NON-DOMINANT hand! Total frustration. I found another game (below) called Swat the Penguin also on that list and thought it was fun. Click on the man with the club to get the penguin started then click on the man again and he'll swing at the penguin poor thing!

sw....you got those pesky millers, too, huh? maybe a game with ranch/farm bugs would be good...hmmmm...how about grasshoppers...lord have we had our hands full with those the last 3 summers...they part like the red sea when you walk through the fields....we also get alot of what jesse calls "sweat bees"...ever heard of them? tiny buggers with a nasty bite!!!!

nr...tried your game and got my a** beat by my 9 year old!!! how pathetic when on a saturday we spend our time playing silly games instead of going to the dance at the blue moon saloon in cameron!!! maybe this just means i'm getting old!!!LOL!!!

glad ya liked it!!

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