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Feb 13, 2005
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Gilroy/San Martin, Ca.
By OldDog/NewTricks

“V” and Banjo
I have been watching V_Key playing with her New Puppy and having tons of fun..


That got me to thinking – “V” grew-up with animals and thanks to me knows the Value in Taking Good Care Of Them. I tried to teach her how to do all the right things, the right way, with her animals…

I love animals and wanted to pass that on to her – but what is Fun for me, I may have made WORK For Her!

Talking to her about her past animals now _ she does not talk about her Show Cattle or Goats, her Market Lambs or Show Sheep or even Showing Her Horse.

She reflects on “Yammie” her X bred Orphan Lamb, she bought On Her Own, at the Auction, and raised on a Bottle. Her free time sitting out in the Pasture with her Cows or riding and playing with her horse.

I guess what I’m saying is, On Reflection, the time WE spent with animals I made work.
Her Free Time is what she Recalls.

I just hope both have made their Point…