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Reply to old question by whiteface.

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Feb 10, 2005
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Stratton, Ontario
That would be I, whiteface. Wish that was the Agribition curtain! If I had had the money in 2003, it probably would have been. Actually that picture was taken in front of a blue tarpulin that we strung up in our 4-H barn during our local fair a couple years back. Usually take pictures outside in front of a white board fence, but it rained like crazy that weekend in August.

Don't know if you read this thread I made a few weeks back,
http://ranchers.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=421 Wondering if you do have any sons off of that bull this year.

Also wondering what people are saying your way about the increase to a $5/cow WHE fee for the CHA. Heard a few people around here that were ticked last year about the CHA not dropping it's fees in light of low prices. I didn't mind so much, but this year....I am more then just a little peeved at CHA. Also wondering where the Digest has the nerve to hike it's subsciption prices to $45. Does the Digest use subscription money to pay for all the free Links it sends out to commercial producers? Switching to Ted's magazine this year. Ok...end of rant. :D
Hey Aaron! I sent you a private message just days ago, I'm assuming now that my inept computer skills have ceased to make it to your inbox. My sincere apologies! I did in fact totally miss that thread at the time you had originally posted it! Thanks for re-posting! If you'd still like to know about the calves off our PURE GOLD son, please drop me an email or let me know here. There fantastic and out of my very best cows. Have a good day all! [email protected]
Sorry whiteface, never received your private message. If you have already registered any Magna sons, you could just give me the names and I could search them on the CHA database. If not, let me know of some of the cows that the Magna calves are coming off of and I can search them. Thanks.

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