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Response to a response to Mr. Steve Dittmer

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Seems like Steve Dittmer's factual comparisons between NCBA and R-CALF conventions in the Tri State Livestock News got one person fired up.

Truth hurts!

Here's some of the highlights of this "emotionally charge" response from Phyliss Gilbert ........

Quote: "Bush continues to push for the dumping of millions of pounds of beef from South America, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and Australia into the United States market with no accountability".

The beef we import from South America is just a tiny sliver and doesn't amount to squat.

The bulk of our imports are from Australia and New Zealand and they are lean trimmings that we blend with our "SURPLUS" 50/50 trim TO ADD VALUE TO IT. This is a price positive situation for producers, NOT DUMPING.

I know, R-CALF didn't tell you that did they?

As far as Mexico, if Mexico is dumping into the United States, WHY DID THEY FILE A DUMPING CASE AGAINST THE U.S.???? Hmmmm???

Can't explain that either can you?

Another clueless R-CALFer!

Quote: "USDA has blocked every attempt by Creekstone Farms from resuming beef exports to Japan by testing every animal exported there for BSE."

The vast majority of slaughter animals are younger than 20 months of age. Testing of cattle younger than 20 months of age would not reveal anything because the BSE prions are not detectable in animals younger than 20 months of age. Testing cattle younger than 20 months of age only creates the "PERCEPTION OF" food safety.

Did you know that Creekstone wanted to test and ship Canadian cattle to Japan? How ironic huh?

Quote: "NCBA continues to work for the Packer ownership of cattle (captive supply) so the latter can control the price paid for cattle, voluntary labeling of beef coming in, free trade and not fair trade and opening the Canadian border exposing our US beef and consumers to BSE with no regards for the consequences."

Again, typical parroted lines of an R-CALFer!

Did you know that 75% of captive supply cattle are forward contracts that producers willingly enter into with packers? Did R-CALF tell you that?

Did you know that the plaintiffs in Pickett testified to using forward contracts (captive supply) and agreed that IBP had a legitimate reason for using them?

There is no proof that captive supplies can be used to manipulate markets to any significance.

As far as the Opening of the Canadian border exposing our consumers to BSE with no regards to the consequences, that is absolutely unsupported by facts.

1. Canada has taken the same precautionary measures we have and in some cases possibly more precautionary measures than we have.

Canada has increased their BSE surveilance in the highest risk categories, they have removed any BSE positives from the food chain, they have adhered to the feed ban, and they have appropriately removed SRMS. To suggest that Canadian cattle are unsafe is to suggest that these measures do not assure food safety. A presidence that we may have to live by someday and you want to lecture on wrecklessness and consequences?

2. We had BSE in the United States and we still have Canadian cattle unaccounted for in the U.S. If Canada's cattle and beef is unsafe, SO IS OURS from this standpoint alone.

3. Canadian cattle are coming into the U.S. right now in the form of boxed beef. Is that boxed beef unsafe???

4. If we have a domestic case of BSE we will live by the exact same presidence we have set for Canada AND YOU WANT TO LECTURE ON CONSEQUENCES AND WRECKLESSNESS???

5. At this time, only UTM Canadian cattle are being considered for importation. BSE prions have not even been detected in animals under 20 months of age and very few under 30 months of age.

What could be more insane than suggesting that Canadian UTM cattle are unsafe when we have OTM Canadian cattle in the United States right now.

You R-CALF "headnodders" just keep blindly supporting this stupidity. God help us if you are ever reminded what you said about Canada in the event that BSE is discovered in an animal you can't blame on Canada.

Quote: "Where would our industry be now without his [Leo McDonnel's] efforts in getting the truth out"

First, Leo doesn't get the whole truth out and in some cases, what he gets out isn't the truth at all such as suggesting that the qualifications for the school lunch program and "M"COOL are the same when they are not.

What Leo gets out is the partial information that supports his agenda of stopping Canadian imports.

Where would our industry be? Perhaps educating consumers to the truth about BSE and enjoying higher cattle prices due to normalized trade.

Quote: "We are forced to donate to NCBA and certainly they can throw lavish conventions and parties".

You are not donating to the NCBA with your checkoff dollars. You are donating to the beef checkoff. Checkoff dollars cannot be used for lobbying. No matter how badly you would like to believe otherwise.

Quote: "U.S. producers must have a FAIR trade and we must have COOL to differentiate our safe beef from all this coming in."

Did you know that "M"COOL exempted 75% of the imported beef into this country through the food service exemption leaving only a meager 5% of our total U.S. beef consumption potentially labeled as "imported"?

Did you know that "M"COOL without "M"ID will not be enforceable and "M"COOL prohibited "M"ID????

Didn't think so!

Just keep nodding your head in agreement as your leaders say what you want to hear.

SH, great job of exposing yet another factually challenged writer!

Additionally, it should be made very clear that the woman, when she claims "We are forced to donate to NCBA and certainly they can throw lavish conventions and parties". is totally off base.

She should, if she does not, know that beef checkoff money uses are determined by the Cattlemens Beef Board, and the members of that board do not have to be NCBA members, and actually come from virtually all statewide cattle organizations in the country as well as from LMA which is NOT a cattle producer organization. Further, the law prevents spending of checkoff money for anything but research, promotion, and education with an ultimate goal of increasing beef demand.

The conventions and "parties" are funded by NON-CHECKOFF sources including individuals, businesses, and attendees.

SH, I know this lady very well, and she is a good person and believes in what she put down on paper.

With that said, in the interest of a balanced viewpoint, would you consider sending in your reply to the Tri State News? I would be like to see you challenge someone to prove your numbers are incorrect.

I ask this not to be spiteful of her whatsoever, as I think a lot of her, but I noticed several things I felt to be inaccurate also.

Of course you might want to make it a little more polite and reader friendly. lol
Jake: "With that said, in the interest of a balanced viewpoint, would you consider sending in your reply to the Tri State News?"

There is no better debate format than right here. Here people are held accountable and challenged directly. In the interest of a balanced viewpoint, you can invite her here to defend her statements.

Jake: "I would be like to see you challenge someone to prove your numbers are incorrect."

I do it here every day.

Now lets not get cocky here SH,(lol) I just think it is good to see all sides of an issue.

I think Goggins paper is a great example of one sided. I admire him for what he has accomplished, greatly, but his paper is about like the mainstream media as far as showing both sides.
Jake: "I just think it is good to see all sides of an issue."

That's what we did.

Dittmer's side, Phyliss's side, and my side.