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Response to Globalization Post by reader the second

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Feb 14, 2005
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Sorry I didn't get involved in this discussion. I had to take a time to plant crops. I see it eroded into another tirad of border dispute. If we could put the border issue aside for a moment there is a huge issue here. Most cattlemen both north and south of the border don't understand the economic situation. The US and Canadian cattle men don't understand that supply and demand charts don't establish price anymore. Two historic events have just occcured that were an attempt to rectify that situation but it will be awhile before we see the effects of that. First is CBOT just started trading contracts for South American beans. Up till now we have been trading in a world economy with no way to establish a price based on supply and demand on a world basis. Same thing works for livesatock. Until prices are reported around the world that we can base a market on we are simply playing the game on prices that are set by import export conglomerates not by supply and demand. Who's to say they won't stuff a million here and a couple million there into their pockets if they set the prices. This condition is exaserbated by WTO. Recently US hog farmers filed a complaint against Canadian pork producers for dumping feeder pigs into US at below cost in US. WTO says hog prices are too high in US to penalize Canadians. So in effect WTO is setting price and the result is a lot of US pork producers lost contracts and livilihoods. And many are loosing shirts as expensive facilities sit empty. Only gainer is Cargill who can now feed cheaper Canadian feeders and force US family farmers out into the streets to beg for their kids welfare. This is what R-Calf is trying to prevent in the cattle business and many US producers just don't see that.

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