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Results of the Cathy Morrison raffle

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Apr 24, 2009
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We finally had the drawing for the raffles today. The leather certificate went to Kory Rayhill, and the 20 X custom hat went to Kari Qualley. The silent auction ended up bringing in nearly $4500. Thanks to any and all that supported us in this endeavor.
Just remember there is still a Custom Pet portrait up for seal bid from Rob. His web site is www.robs-artgallery.nl The bidding will end August 9th, and bids will be read the 19th in Kadoka SD, at the bronc ride.
That is very impressive, LazyWP. Thanks to you and Lisa for promoting the benefit. Wish we could have made it to the festivities, but today was one of the few good hay days that has been available this summer, so we thought we'd best "make hay while the sun shines."

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