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Randy- Congratulations on your bull sale- looks like you did pretty good--for hairy bulls anyway :lol: . I followed part of the sale on the internet- Saw the one bull sell for about $5400, if I remember right- See where TEAM says you averaged $2566 and all bulls sold...

Anyway have another one of those Canadian brews if you can draw a breath inbetween cussing R-CALF...

I happen to have taken a shine to Randy's bulls. Bought two of them myself. They should work good on our Limo cows. It will be a change from using Purebred Limo bulls.
Manitoba_Rancher said:

I happen to have taken a shine to Randy's bulls.

MR- I did too-- I'd never even saw a picture of a Welsh Black before, but was impressed... And I've always heard good stories about how well the galloways winter in the harsher climates- if you could ever find somebody to buy the hairy calves.........Should be good bulls for you...

Dont much matter so long as they grade well as we feed to finish. Should perform well in our climate here in Manitoba

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