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rodeo trick rider dies at 98

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John SD

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Mar 16, 2005
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western SD
Mattie Newcombe was certainly one of a kind, and the last of her generation.

Thanks John for posting the article. I have a dear friend who use to trick ride for Harry Vold and I'm sure she will like the article. (which I emailed to her.) 8)
I had the opportunity to meet Mattie several times. She was a big supporter of the Casey Tibbs Foundation and she would come to all the events. There is some stuff about her at www.caseytibbs.com if you want to read more.

She was always very secret to how old she was!!! She wouldn't tell anyone! She would be very pissed that someone let the word out!!! :wink:
Johnny Smith noted her passing Saturday. He said one time when she was in her 80`s she came to the barn with her are in a sling and when asked what she did she replied, "Darn young colt bucked me off."

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