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Feb 12, 2005
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We got back Friday from the vacation. It was great! Thanks for the scenic route you told me about, it was absolutely beautiful! The mountains were neat. One bad thing was that we came upon a truck that didn't make it to the runaway ramp, being I used to drive those rigs, it gave me an eerie feeling. We have never seen the desert so green and so full of flowers. We even got to take some Colorado money with us. Stayed at Ute Mountain Casino one night and won some on the quarter machine, but left that in Vegas. Enjoyed the Grand Canyon, I still would like to raft down the river sometime, probably on the next vacation. It sure is nice to be home again, nothing compares to home and family. Thanks again.
Amazing, 900 (?) miles apart, never met, and we post within 2 minutes of each other on the same subject. Small world.

Glad you enjoyed the scenic route, it is spectacular all times of the year.

Where was the runaway? We have them all the time on Wolf Creek Pass, but most get shut down before there is to much damage. If it was a pickup on Wolf Creek, it was a pickup loaded with 22 illegal immigrants, killed 2 and sent all the rest to hospital at our expense.

Glad the trip was fun. Maybe I can take a vacation someday and find out what the word means.
I don't recall if it was wolf creek but I think it was the last set of curves and steep grade. It had two runaway ramps quite close together. The first one was open and the second was closed. It happened between the two. If the semi would have kept going, he would have been air born. It was a load of lumber. The tractor cab was completely off the frame and motor. I think he ditched it intentionally, that would have been his only chance. I do think my side of the car might have some bare carpet. My foot was pushing on the floor board many times going down the mountains!!! LOL It was nice to see all the baby calves on the ground next to their mamas when we drove through CO. Have a great day!

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