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Sabatoge committed by US Patent Office against Mark Purdey

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Feb 11, 2005
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Home on the Range, Alberta
I am in shock and disbelief! The Unites States Patent and Trademark Office has changed the web-link address of the patent which proves Mark Purdey's theories.
This morning I hit the link I had given in my "Wow Patent Application Proves Mark Purdey is Right" posting and it went to a different patent application of Dr. Vodyanoy of Auburn University, Alabama.

How can this have happened, and more importantly WHY DID IT HAPPEN?

Today's link for patent application #20040137523, July 15, 2004 is below:

Method of isolation and self-assembly of small protein particles from blood and other biological materials.


"ABSTRACT: Compositions and methods for the isolation and manipulation of misfolded, or partially misfolded, proteins present in blood and other biological materials are provided. In one aspect of the invention, the compositions, hereinafter termed "proteons" are comprised of misfolded proteins. Also provided are compositions and methods for the isolation and manipulation of proteon nucleation centerc (PNCs) upon which the proteons of the present in blood and other biological materials form. In another aspect of the invention, the PNCs are comprised of metallic nanoclusters."

Inventors: Vodyanoy, Vitaly J; Samoylov, Alexandre M.; Pustovyy, Oleg M – all of Auburn University, Alabama.

I have noticed that this rancher.net posting was getting a lot of attention, especially since Mark Purdey emailed his entire email address book this information. It is very popular as is evident by the flashing icon. It appears on the 3rd page of web links when you search out Mark Purdey's name. This is page 3 of over 4000 links.

I can verify on my computer, from past emails sent to various people, that I had the correct address originally. Mike's friend looked it up and commented on it – which Mike posted.

This explains why a friend had left a message asking me "how this patent proved Mark's theory"? He was looking at the wrong patent! I haven't been able to talk to him; so I never made this discovery until this morning. I am furious. What the h*** is going on here people?

Reader (the second) said this patent didn't prove his theory and that Mark's science was silly. I can only assume by the manipulation of this link / web address for the Proteon with Proteon Nucleation Centers consisting of metal clusters patent, that we have discovered the truth; and now, there are people who want this kept quiet.

I now leave it to all of you that are convinced, as I am, to get this message out to everyone you know and the media.

Shame on whoever has done this. Clearly your motives are vicious, and you have no compassion for those afflicted by these horrible diseases within the spongiform disease family. Nor do you car about the thousands of families devastated by the BSE crises that is crumbling the agriculture community.

Please, everyone, help me to disclose this atrocity. Your support is most needed.

Thank you,

Kathy Czar
[email protected]
Alberta, Canada

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