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sainfoin,remont ?

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Mar 6, 2011
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Anybody growing this stuff ? I bought a 10 # bag for a test plot the deer at it into the ground . Needs no fertalizer . lives forever they claim .[/url][/list]
I have a neighbor that grows sainfoin. He lets is go to seed every 3 years. It is still palatable when mature. Looks like a pretty good tool in the grazing box.
I put in a little patch back in the 70's. It likes well drained ground as it doesn't like wet feet. The Crested Wheat pretty much choked it out but last year with all the rain I could not believe the stand I had. I will probably have another good one this year. It is sweeter then Alfalfa and the stems are hollow and seem more palatable.
i have been wanting to try it. my nutritionists says its too good to be true. he has had a few folks use it, but there is a reason not many are.

says their claims of bloat free and more palatable are true,
but that similar protein and RFV to alfalfa are way off, and same with production claims of higher yields are definately false.

i still want to try some, maybe next year
How is the regrowth ? can you cut once & get some fall grazing out of it ?
sainfoin needs sweet gound & I guess thats all . I was told you can spray it with a small dose of roundup to cut back the grass & not hurt the sainfion . Thanks
I would not seed it as a straight stand, but it works great in a mix. We used it in a mix with some alsike clover, alfalfas, milkvetch and grasses. Some areas have more clover, some alfalfa, some sanfoin, some even have a bit of milkvetch. It's all lighter sandy land, worked great.

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