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Sandhusker is alive

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Feb 10, 2005
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Well at least we know Sandhusker is still alive as he was just browsing the forum but no comments. :? He must be in mourning with the news of Leo bailing out of the ship and leaving the rest of the R-CALFers to answer the painful questions of what now. :roll:
Yeah mourning or involved with family, work, community, church and hobbies. If I were to stake my reputation and treasure on my speculation, it would still be the same. Ain't much honor among internet trolls.
Brad was right - I was down in Manitou Springs marrying off my traitor sister (K-ST. alum).

Don't know why you're worried about R-CALF. I'm not. Membership is still growing like wildfire. What now? Stay the course and keep prodding the USDA to do their &^% jobs! You notice what happens when they play games?

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