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Saw a slogan perfect for Ranchersnet

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Feb 10, 2005
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Veni, vidi, velcro I came, I saw, I stuck around.
Another good one from nr.

That's the kind of post I miss when I'm away!

Well welcome MRJ!! :clap: you caught us talking behind your back while you were gone! We hoped you hadn't flown the coop permanently. How are the grands doing?
Northern Rancher said:
nr whats the latin translation of gus's sign on 'lonesome dove'-that's bugged me for years lol.

How about : "Grapes ripen in the presence of others."? :help:
Good to be back, nr. The 'grands' are perfect, of course!

Get to meet the newest one tomorrow. Makes the trip to the dentist sweeter as that is the 'necessary' reason for going.....Grandpa must be a bit more excited than he admits, too, as he plans to go and wouldn't really need to other than to meet Kalli and to get to tease her big sister after three weeks absence from her life. His "you are the prettiest girl in Rapid City" line for seven year old Cassie will need some adjustment. Should I help him, or just watch to see how he handles it?????

Got to see one 'grand' play basketball with her teams at Bellevue, NE and am surprised at how well the shortest girl on the (8th grade) team can do, with lots of determination and 'try'. Her 5th grade sister is between sports right now. She loves volley ball and soccer and is a very good server in vb. She did practice "Cruella Deville", her piano recital piece for me a couple of times. She and her mother disagree on counting while playing. The college gkid babysat his little cousins on his mothers side of the family Valentine weekend. Good for a college guy to help out like that, isn't it? The kids here on the ranch have been busy with boys bb and cheerleader duties for grade bbb while we were away. Only one high school regular season game left, I believe. And our tiny (under 30 high school students) school is in the district of the highest ranked team in the state, so tournament time will be challenging. They don't know the words "quit" or "give up", though.

Isnt' it amazing how many sports activities there are for kids of all ages these days? MRJ, your grandkids parents must attend non-stop games!

Hope you get to hear a tape of that piano recital. Our grands haven't begun lessons yet as they are a little too young, but our Virginia grandson has been making up songs on the piano and accordian and seems to have some natural ability. When we call him he says, "wait til I put the phone down and play this song for you, okay?" I doubt he'll be interested or have patience for counting out the timing of notes though. He likes full license for his creative juices.

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