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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
Were you able to get the calves branded?

Did you get a table? Which one?

Sorry for all the questions but I was curious if which table you got and how you liked it. I talked to my Bro in law and he likes the Pearson for the self catch feature. :D
We did get'r done. We did two batches with a foremost table and one with horses and wrestlers. Some of the calves were getting a little big. The wrestlers, horses and ropers earned their "pops" that day. I know this may offend some or may spark a philosophical debate, but in my mind both ways of doing calves will be tools in the tool box here. For me its about getting it done and using the resources at hand. At our place the weatherman is less likely to shut us down with a table and can be done with a small number of people with less personal risk and less skill is required. I do like the Foremost table attached to our crowding tub as an option. The headgate handle on the foremost will get some reengineered this winter and we will add a closed narrower alley leading up to table, but otherwise worked good. Self catch is good.

The last batch with horses, cowboys and wrestlers - well that is amazing to watch and be apart of. The athletic ability of those horses, skill of the ropers and determination of wrestlers - well its quite a craft. I must admit this year I had a blast at our branding for the first time in 8 yrs. The people that came were very generous with their knowledge of "how to". I cant wait to go to others places. My family and friends came up large to help and there was quite a shaker afterwards. The cost of the day could easily buy another tipping table, but enough fun was had and no one got hurt - i am not so concerned. It was a great social event and was an opportunity for some urban types to mix with the rural folks. Its nice to share this experience with people from the city and connect them a little closer to where their food comes from. its also nice for them to see the skills of journeyman cowboy in action. I cant imagine not doing it both ways each year.

In all cases we were not in a rush and I couldnt tell you calves per minute of calves per person per day. Its hard work either way, but its good when you take time to enjoy it. 2011 has been a wild year for me and the ranch, its forced me to take a more active role on the ranch and I am loving it. I hope it doesnt wear off soon.

I will try to post some pics of the day and other stuff real soon.

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