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I stole this off a post Macon had put on cattletoday- I thought it was too good for anyone to miss- Not only good education on these scams- but what idiots these scammers are....Be sure to read the "fish" ones- The Church of Fish and Bread :lol: :lol:

I had ordered something for an aunt of mine and had to use PayPal. Since then I have been receiving bogus emails from eBay. But in contacting them through their live chat, I now know that the emails are bogus. They just want you to give them your info, Name and credit card numbers so that they can use it on the web. Please turn in any of the emails to Spoof@eBay. com hope this helps someone. :wink: :!:
normally I would just tell them to kiss this... or bite my butt when it comes to my info , they can and will be reported until like you I get tired of the crap. :p :p :p :wink:
Got a new scam for you, it is from someone called Maria Hoopla, what a name. who wants to give me a few miilions dollars, but since it reeks of a scam I turned it over to an attorney I know and he said to send it to Our state attorney general. Help he can chew on that one for awhile. What do people think we are gulible or something? Oh well it is our of my hands.
2 yrs ago Christmas,I advertized my motorcycle side car for sale on my Motorcycle associations web site GWRRA..had a e-mail from a guy in New York,saying he would pay my price of $2000.00 and give me a $1000.00 more to hold it till Spring when he would ask me to crate it and send to a address of his choosing, and will send double the amount of the price for shipping.A UPS courier arrived with a week right to my shop whee I work.a certifed cheque for $6500.00 US was in a envelope,drawn on a Royal bank in Toronto with his US address on it.My bank held it for 21 days before phoning me that is was alright. I used some of it for Christmas presents and paid some bills. a month later,the guy e-mailed with a addess of where to send the crated side car.and to send half the money to this address to start the shipping of it,I sent Cash to a address in New York. and was phoned by a trucking co.in calgary asking the size of the crate I had built.OK,will pick it up next week.next week came and went for 2 months.after 3 months from date of depositing the cheque,my bank manager came to shop in person and said the certifed cheque is a fake and I owe them $6500.00 US $9600.00 Canadian, and he took $1200.00 from my bank account already, they tok me to court 3 months later and I was not allowed to talk about the circumstances of the cheque.In Alberta when we open a bank account,we sign on the dotted line saying we are resposible for our depoists. thats the law here in Alberta. The courts ordered me to repay $8400.00 , in payments of $230.00 a month till paid. I did this for 4 months then was hit by a car walking and havnt worked much since. The bank took me back to court last November,The judge said he was busy with juvinile cases to bother with this minor offense,I said very fast the circimstances and about my accident, the banks lawyer was trying to get me to shut up, the judge shut him up and let me talk. I told the judge I was trying to sell my gas station and could pay it off if it sold.he gave me to may to pay it or come back here and face charges of failing to obey court orders and maybe go to jail. I will go to jail rather than pay any more..Thats me story and sorry for being so long. so beware of certifed cheques .money orders, cashiers cheques...

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