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Schaff Angus Valley

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canadian angus

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northwest Saskatchewan
Does anyone know where I could get the individual prices on the lots from their sale?

SAV 8180 Traveler 004 calves looked really good, heard they had a great average. Thanks for the help. :???:


I don't know if they are posted on the website or not---I'll do some asking around and see if I can either get them for you or else find where they are posted. I am sure the tops, volumes and averages will be in the Farm and Ranch Guide. I think an issues comes out today, but if I remember right they go to print around a week early-so before the sale. If I find those I'll post too. I heard through the grapeview that the high seller was $125,000 to a syndicate---but just rumor-I have no proof.

Have a great day, and cheers!

top seller was lot 57 for $117,500 first 20 bulls went for over 10,000. Quite a few 50-30,000 dollar animals, especially for being "affordable" animals. GREAT cattle though.
Kelly does a great job of marketing, those bulls and their mothers have never had a bad day in their life. Its kind of funny, you could go to champion hill in OH, and buy those exact same bulls for $2,500 in the fall, he gets them and all of a sudden they are $5,000 bulls. I think he is getting his cow herd bulit-up now so that he does'nt have to bring in as many as he used to though.

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