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Scotty McQueery=American Idol C/W singer finalist

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Feb 11, 2005
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I don't watch American Idol, but a friend called me to tell me about
Scotty McQueery, Country Western Singer that is a finalist. Actually
there are two Country Western signgers that are finalists, which
is unheard of...(anyway, thats what my friend said.

so, I found some Utube videos and thought I would share with
you all here, in case you hadn't heard of him either. I read where
they are calling him and up and coming superstar.

We've been watching all along. It is hard to believe this kid is only 16 years old. I don't think he even needs to win this. I think there are people just lining up to sign him as soon as he's available. :D

You're going to hear more from him, no matter how it turns out. That's for sure.
This one isn't from American Idol, bit it's the one I've been hoping all along that he would sing.


Maybe he still will.....
Super! When is American Idol on?

Here's one of the other CW singer Lauren Alaina
singing togheher. "I Told You So."

This one: (audition)


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