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Scouting 4 bucks and some high desert scenery pics

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leanin' H

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Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert
The bucks are starting to show growth and i spent some time looking for bucks over the weekend. I drew a special limited tag for muledeer in my backyard on the mountain range we ranch on. :D It's gonna be a fun summer choosing a buck that i want on the wall and in the freezer. :D Here's a little guy that needs to grow up. Fun to see the fuzzy headed bugger though! :D I miss Northern Rancher as he would be as excited as me come early morning behind the binoculars! :cry:

Just some shots of the mountain. This time of year the bucks stay up high and in the open. By fall and the hunt they will be in the nasty stuff, atleast the big, old bucks i hope to hunt will be!

The comb of the Sheeprock mountains.

Looking off the south slopes toward our ranch in the foothills. While ownership and family drama make it someone else's, it will always remain near and sacred to my heart. Atleast i have the mountain.

Remember the rough, nasty stuff i mentioned? Here it is! :D

Sunrise from the northeast slopes on another early morning.

I live down there somewhere.

Batchelor bands of bucks browsing on buckbrush!

Another 2 footer that needs to grow up for a couple more years. Now to find his grand-dad!

Half a mile from my house in a hayfeild i found this buck last night. He looks like a monster but it is an optical illusion with the brush behind him. :shock:

The same buck looking away. He is layed out nice and hopefully grows a lot more bone.

A noisy video about a minute long i shot of that buck and a couple of his pals. It was windy as heck so i apologize for the noise. I love to go a lookin'! :D Click on the picture and it will take ya to photobucket to see it.

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