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Scrapie and BSE - Could Scrapie Mask BSE?

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Feb 14, 2005
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Calgary Alberta
Ah poor old Reader can't get a response to her SSSSS Crapie post. Crap is the root of stuff like this.

More dreamed up theory for what?
:) :) :) :)
Yes the poor animals they might get scrapie, they might get bse, they might get cwd, or they might get a cold, or they might just be polluted with man-made environmental pollutants like PCBs and nuclear waste and other lovely things.

So just because.... we will let these mad and foulish bureaucrats and government officials and self-serving scientist, detstroy the genetics which took hundreds of years to achieve.

Mark Purdey wrote to me the other day about the insane slaughter and incineration of these sheep.

With these new blood tests, they are going to tell us our cattle herds are susceptible to BSE, that they might some day get it, or that they are in some way harbouring it.

The bull shi@ it is so deep now in the scientific community that soon we will all drown in it.

This Calgary Vacci-test kit, tell me Reader, how does it differ from the test that uses a 14-3-3 marker to find environmental poisons like PCBs?

There are alot of genetics in humans which can be identified has having the possibility of developing a disease, but they might not ever develop it. I suppose we should destroy them to. This isn't even identifying a genetic defect. Its finding toxins.

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