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SD Sen. Napoli - GF&P says "Don't blame us!"

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Liberty Belle

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Feb 10, 2005
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northwestern South Dakota
This is a letter to the edior of the Rapid City Journal from yesterday. You can always count on Napoli to tell it like it is and not pull any punches even though he and Gov. Rounds are members of the same political party.

What is your take on this SH? Any comments?

Don't blame us

Gov. Rounds has developed a bad habit. Rounds is making decisions and making things happen, then when it turns out to be unpopular, he blames it on someone else.
In a recent article, Rounds gives you the distinct impression it was the Legislature who defeated the change to the Open Fields Doctrine. Yes, the House defeated the bill, but only after an intense lobbying effort from Rounds and his staff.
Rounds was determined to defeat this bill. Then Rounds asked us for 12 new GF&P employees, to address supposed communications problems Rounds and Director Cooper never admitted the department ever had.
In testimony, before the Appropriations Committee, Cooper stated these 12 officers would be used to address a supposed communication problem. So why would Rounds want 12 new GF&P officers to address a problem he doesn't believe exists? Rounds then claims the Legislature sent a disjointed message with the defeat of the bill and defeat of 12 new officers.
Bottom line: Rounds shouldn't blame his bad decisions on the Legislature. Many recognize the problem with GF&P. We need to solve it.

Napoli hit the nail right on the head. The Governor defeated this bill. GF&P couldn't get it done, so his staff came out in force and when they couldn't get it done, he called Legislators off the floor. The buck stops at the Governors Desk. If I were so determined to beat a bill I would hope I would also stand accountable for my actions to defeat it, instead of passing the buck.

Then Tony Dean chimes in by headlining an article "Appropriations Committee Cuts 12 GF&P Positions".

How can you cut 12 positions that weren't their?

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