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Setting up a new feedlot

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Feb 10, 2005
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I ve been thinking about it for quite a while and I was wondering if someone on here could give me some advice. I m wanting to set up another feedlot for custom feeding cattle and I would like to get some investors on board for the project. How do I go about trying to find investors? And setting up a business plan? Any ideas would be appreciated. :wink:
Talk to a feedlot consultant anbout a bussiness plan, they may be able to help with investors. How many head do you plan on feeding? Will this be an expantion or an all new facility? Do you grow enough feed or will you have to buy feed?
Andy has good advice, mine is to travel around and look at other feedlots to see what you like and don't. Make it stress free as you can for you and the cattle... Hope to see you in Deadwood!!!!
Thank you for the advice. Not sure if we will be able to make it to Deadwood were just starting into harvest. :roll:
MR, try a retained ownership thing. Your partners will be your customers.

Try to work with a branded beef product and those feeders that are interested in such an arrangement.

Get qualified for such a program.
Northern Rancher,

Havent called about them yet, been to darn busy trying to get teh last of this grass hay put up. Been having lots of breaks took the CV joints out of the baler drive shaft ($1500) bent the twine hook that holds the twine on the side of the bale ($60) and then tonight blew a back tire on the raking tractor ($600)..... being in the field putting up hay.... pricesless!! :roll: :roll: :roll:
Just curious he's coming out to brand inspect here this week -just wondering how you were making out. I know that cowherd pretty good some excellant females.

Here's probably the most important thing to plan....The Feed!!!!!!!

Do you have a good source of feed that can cheapen your ration...Do you have a good source of feed that will fatten cattle or are you going to be a backgrounder????

We have access to a huge supply of barley in the area. WE can also grow excellent corn crops for silage. Barley this year is running in price from $.01 to .10 a bushel throught the marketing board and $1.10 through the open market.
M-R.....The sad part of doing business in today's climate is that the first thing you have to do is complete an environmental impact plan and start the permitting process. Just one disgruntled neighbour can derail a good business plan and add prohibitive costs to what could and should be a viable enterprise. Man. ag should have resource people to help guide you through the minefields! Good luck
Cheap and consistant feed is certainly a competitive advantage. Close grazing is also a big plus. Attracting investors will be difficult unless you have a track record at running some yards. You can usually buy a yard for less than the build cost. Most yards in the beef belt began as good farms with extra feed. I figure a feedyard slot is worth about $50/head for 1 time capacity - you might turn tthis slot 3 times if you line out on grass.

Right now, steam flaked corn isn't enough more efficient to justify the extra expense. High moisture ensiled corn is a great feed resource.

Run off management is necessary, but not such a big deal on the right locations. The old time honored tradition of citing a feedyard next to a creek on a steep hill is history and should have never been done.

You'll need more water than you think, and all weather road access really matters.
I am not sure where you wanted to start a feedlot at, but I know a group that is trying to get one started in Northeast Nebraska. They are looking for a couple more investors. Let me know if you are interested in more information.

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