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Severe Thunderstorms-heavy rain

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Feb 10, 2005
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We ve had a some wild storms move through this area this afternoon. We ve recieved around 3.5 inches of rain in the last 2 hours with a fair bit of hail too. This will sure make the grass grow, but we really havent been short of moisture. Guess it all helps. Since the last drought I said I would never ever complain about rain. :wink:
Let's see if I remember correctly! Rain is the wet stuff that falls from the sky, right?

Haven't seen any around these parts this spring. I'm not saying it's dry, but a neighbor got hurt pretty bad today when he walked into his field of popcorn. The field exploded something fierce. He was okay after the corn finished popping, but he suffered severe burns when the fire department tried to smother the fire with hot butter :shock: :lol: :wink:
I shouldn't laugh chief since any given one of my fields might start popping any minute too, but that was just too funny. Looks dark everywhere around here but ain't nothing falling out of the sky. Congradulations on your rain Manitoba, hope yer seed is in the ground all set to pop! LOL! Have a good night all!
since it started raining til about 5 mins ago we have had over 6.5 inches of rain. Its real scary as our fields are flooded and we have quite a few newborn-2 week old calves out there. With the kind of luck we are having this year I don't even want to look tomorrow morning. :cry:
And the stuff Manitoba/SK got is heading right our way. Don't need anymore rain, and the hail could do some hurting to the flower gardens. Some of those pricey greenhouse annuals don't fair to well under a chunk of ice :p. Any mention of tornadoes near your area MR? Heard on the CBC that a few tornadoes were spotted in Manitoba, one near the MB-ND border, and some north of Minot, ND. Seems to be a pretty slow moving system, and the reports are saying we probably won't get hit till tomorrow afternoon or evening. Hopefully we can get some pairs out to pasture before she turns ugly tomorrow. :shock:

Yeah there was a few funnel clouds in the area around here. Its been down right nasty, Id be betting we have had over 8 inches by now as it has been raing so hard in the last hour we couldnt see the yard lighjt in my grandparents yard. There lane is even washed out now. Never seen this amount of rain in such a short period of time. Batton down the hatches shes heading east but loosing her punch!
We ve recieved over 8.5 inches of rain and it looks like more is on the way. Cattle are all on a small island this morning, had to go through 2 feet of water to get to them. Most roads in this area are either under water or washed out. Its kinda funny after a storm like this how many farmers you see out driving around on the roads seeing what their 4x4's will go through. :shock:
Finally got some! Rain that is for all you guys with your brains in the gutter! LOL! No calves on any islands or anything but sure a happier alfalfa crop. Hope there are no calf losses for any of you guys in the heavy rain districts... I had that happen a few years back after heavy rain and was heartbreaking to say the least. We want the rain, just still be able to get on the fields afterward with no serious losses. I feel bad for some of the guys in Eastern Canada, it'll be August before they're planting potatoes and then I bet they won't see a shower for the rest of the year. Have a good day all and thanks for reading from Canada!
MR-We'd have taken a couple of inches of that 8.5....Ended up with only a couple of drops...Rain on all sides--Just spun around us leaving us dry again--Cloudy and dreary again today- but no rain yet...Beginning to know how rancher felt last year......
Shelly said:
Where is he, by the way??? It's like he fell off the face of the earth!

Thats what I was wondering too...Haven't heard from him since around Bucking Horse Sale time--maybe he hasn't found his way out of the Bison Bar yet :lol: I've heard they find bucking horse hangersons sometimes years later in there :wink:
Well, his Mrs. has been on a time or two, but not him. Do you think he's mad at any of us on here? Kind of miss him, and I always got a chuckle out of his signatures.
Most of the small towns aroiund here are closed up today because the sewers are all backed up. I just have to help mop up my grandparents basement! Just water.... and more rain on the way. :shock: :shock: :shock:
I hope you get through this all right MR. We've had an easy inch of rain since yesterday and its still coming nice. The areas east and north that were so desperate for rain are getting it too, and that's enough to make me smile! :D
An inside tip, 'rancher has "had it" with ranchers.net' for the time being anyway. Awhile back some of the folks here were pretty hard on him. So he won't be around for awhile, or maybe never again. And yes, I miss him too...

Be careful of the words you say
Keep them soft and sweet;
You never know from day to day
Which ones you'll have to eat.
MR, How did the fields in your area make out? Heard some reports that alot of the crops for southwestern Manitoba will be written off this year. Heard one person on the TV say that he still had 50 acres of canola to seed near Melita.

Haven't got any rain yet. Maybe tonight. Weather network saying that a storm system in Minnesota is taking alot of the umph out of the storm heading our way. Got about 1/3 of the cowherd out on pasture today. Was a good day. :D
Fields are not good here. They are like a swamp. Was out checking cattle on the 4 wheeler and got stuck this morning. :( Some of our fences are washed out and darn near all of our electric fencers took on water and have shorted out. Have to wait for them to dry out. The Preimer of Manitoba toured our area this morning and declared the area a disaster. And to think we just got hit hard with another thunderstorm about 10 mins ago. one inch of rain in 15 mins.
OH MY GOD!!!!! I couldn't even imagine what that much rain would look like laying around. Your ground must be so saturated, it might take forever to dry out. I feel for you, MR, I hope your string of bad luck ends soon. You must have broad shoulders to carry all these burdens.

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