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SH need some help

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canadian angus

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northwest Saskatchewan
Your profile says your a trapper too, is that a trapper of r-calf, or other vermin.

If other vermin is your excellence too, how do you get rid of cougars. Up here in north west Saskatchewan, I have a cougar leaving the tracks, but no deaths yet, however we want to prevent.........any clues or ideas?

Thank you in advance.

CA :p
We have quite a few cougar (and wolves and bears) around our place, and they do worry the horses, and have taken quite a few dogs around the country, some right out of their kennels. If they get too bold, the fish and fowl boys will allow a cougar hunter to come in and tree the cat, provided the hounds can track the animal from the point of contact. I keep the young horses in close to the barn and the dogs locked up to keep tempations for the cougar to a minumum.

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