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Share/Lease Cows

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May 2, 2010
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Northeast WYO
Hey folks, I would like to take in some share cows or lease some cows. I am needing to fill up my grass and would like to go this route. If anyone knows of somebody that would be interested in a deal, let me know. I am located in NE Wyoming.
I know of three hundred head that need a new home. The guy who owns them is good to deal with. I have run these cows for nine years and they are a pretty good bunch. I would still be running them but the landowners son who was put in charge is jerking my lease.
There are at least 2 ranchs up here that have taken in Texas cows to run ...

I heard the one is running about 500 head for the Four 6's ranch for a couple of years on a cash lease-- and according to the neighbors are calving right now... The below 0 temps predicted for this weekend could be a little tough on the calving situation...

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