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Got pretty much soaked through doing chores this morning. If I had started a little earlier, I would've missed all the fun and games. It didn't really start snowing till around 8:30 or so. Sure made things a hell of alot wetter than it was, really had no place to feed the cows that would keep the calves out of the wet.

Were your ears burning around noon? Myself, the hubby, and our best friend were in the coffee shop, and you happened to come up in conversation. Did you stop at Wally's and look at those bulls?
Shelley I stopped in there about noon lol. Ty's bull was spinning away from his hand so he only got 6 seconds on it but he did ok since he hasn't rode for 7 months-off to Johansn's school on Thursday.
Ya ... the roads were bad by Maple Creek. Took us 2 hours to travel the 50 miles home from the Creek. Talked to one of the ranchers up in the Cypress Hills this afternoon, said there are 10 foot drifts in spots. Oh ya ... good ol'Sask Power. Lost power in the SW corner around 9:30 last night, which kind of put a damper on the sale 'hospitality'. At home here we finally got our power back on around 2 this afternoon. Geez, you'd think we'd be used to our springtime weather by now, hope that was the last one for this year.
SSAP how did your sale go and in particular Lot 9. I liked that bull. If I hadn't already bought the bull I needed for this spring I would have liked to have had him. The son came thru that way from Lethbridge and sure didn't like the roads.
How did your bull off your old Maverick daughter sell-I'm heading out to Elkwater in late May to deliver some semen so will try and stop by then.
Big Muddy rancher & Northern Rancher.

Lot 9 - $2800 and Granny's bull Lot 21- $3600
Had a great sale, sure appreciated the folks that came out despite the weather. $2915 overall average- 2806 on the yrlgs/3122 on the 2's. I'll pm you when the web site gets updated - need to catch up on other things first.

Did you two get snow or mostly rain - either way its wet stuff but the wind and temp didn't help much!!! Shelly, how did you folks make out?

Northern Rancher - we'll keep an eye out for you in May. Are you going to kill 2 birds with one stone and make it the long weekend - the Creek's rodeo?

Big Muddy - the #1 was a mess I guess around supper Sat, ambulances went out both to the East and West of Maple Creek. Haven't heard how serious the injuries, hopefully just precautionary calls.
We ended up with just enough wet snow to cover the ground, it was melting as fast as it was coming down. Went into Saskatoon yesterday afternoon, and it never snowed in there, just rained. A few good warm days with lots of sun should dry stuff out again, but I hear more rain is coming for the weekend. We have a little 20 acre pasture out back with some bush on it so we put the cows and calves in there yesterday morning so at least they could get out of the wind, if not the snow and rain. They're still in there today, but I think tomorrow we'll push them back out to the field.
Shelly, I think I have to steal BMR's line "What's a bush/tree?" lol
I hope everyone does get more moisture, but the 'spring rain' kind - warm temp and no wind!
We'll probably put a smile on the Vet's face now - we expect a round of scours in the newborn commercials and those calfspan pills aren't cheap.
We also started AI'ing the purebreds today - the mud markers make for easier heat detection!!
We'll both probably just dry up in time for another shot of something this coming weekend. Take care.
Glad to hear you had a great sale. Lane said he saw the ambulances out when he went thru lots of vehicles in the ditch. He went in the ditch but was able to drive out. He could have been thru alot earlier but never gets in a rush until on the road.
We just got wind and very little rain, just damp Sat. morning. Will check out your site when you get it updated.
Shelly, did you have the wind today? Dried things up somewhat here, corrals are still soupy though. Your cows probably kinda liked the shelter of the trees if you had the wind howling today.

Big Muddy rancher and Northern Rancher - if you're still interested, sale results are online
www.blackangusbulls.ca (there's a link in the left side column)
Not much wind yesterday, but a whole different story today. It's supposed to gust up to 60 klicks, already has a good start this morning. Then I hear there's more rain in the forecast, too. Right now, the cows are locked out of the corral, if they want water, they can go back into part of the little pasture, and drink out of a big slough back there. This way, they're bags will stay clean because the corrals aren't drying up. I'm going to have to let them in one of these days soon, though, branding day is coming up. I was hoping for a little more drier, warmer weather, though.

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