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Shih Tzus

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Australian Cattleman

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northern NSW Australia
We have some of the most beautiful little mates,namely Shih Tzus.
They would be among one of the most intelligent breeds about.
My little female called "Dotty" comes with me every trip to check on the cattle,in the ute (aka pickup)
She sits up next to me like she owns the vehicle. Has her nose out of joint if I bring any of the other Shih Tzus with us.
We have Border Collies and Kelpies for cattle work as well as some other hangers on, Weimaraner Ridgeback cross etc.
We love our dogs. We never have trouble with foxes getting our chooks (fowls poultry etc)
Okay, Colin....talk is cheap!! WHERE'S THE PICTURES!!!???? Sure would love to see some of your dogs....yep, the tzus, too!!! :D
Do you have any trouble keeping weeds, grass, etc out of your little Shih Tzu's hair?? We have a problem with our Corgi, being a low rider, of picking up ticks. No probs with the weeds, grass, etc. though. Need to post a pic of your doggie as your avatar!!!
Speaking of ticks, they are AWFUL this spring. I have never seen ticks on dogs like we are experiencing. Some of them get huge before we find them, though we check the dogs every day!! We have never checked dogs for ticks like this. I wonder why they are so plentiful this year?

Is there anything to put on the dogs to help keep the ticks off??

Boy, do I have a story!! Went to the river place for the last time on Mother's Day (place closed on Monday, don't own it anymore) to pick asparagus. Went through some tall stuff, our Corgi was with us, our daughter saw some black on him, saw they were ticks, there were so many it made me ill, looked down on my pant leg and HOLY COW!! ticks running up our pantlegs fast as they could go, we're going eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! Picking them off as fast as we can, getting that "crawlie" feeling, took Corky to the truck and went through his coat, picked a million ticks off him. On the way to the pickup, our daughter says ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! look at those plants!! They were literally BLACK with ticks. Just reciting this makes me feel crawlie all over.
They are BAD this year. After all that, gave Corky a bath, went through his hair again, (this was Sunday), going through his hair tonight there were more ticks!!! I'm afraid to go outside now because I think he picked them up in our yard!! EEEEWWWWWWWWWW! We have some tick spray you can spray on their hair and rub into their skin...seems to help...put a tick collar on him, we'll see how well that works.
Doggie Owners!!!!

The ticks are horrible in SD too----very bad. Our vet had us put Frontline on Holly-it doesn't repel them, but if they suck, they are dead. One morning the bottom of Holly's kennel was black from dead ticks, so I guess it works, and the stuff is water resistent.

The hubby pulled over 25 ticks off of her last night, but have yet to find one that is full of blood, they just seem to crawl around and then slightly attach---and this batch seems quite resistent to water too. A couple of weeks ago he washed a tick down the mudroom sink drain, I went out and saw the little bugger crawling back out, so I guess we have to flush them down the toilet!!!

I'm not sure this Frontline stuff is the magic cure, but seems to kinda be working now. The brother in law put a tick collar on his dog and it hasn't even touch them. She is loaded with the full bellied ticks all the time it seems. We get them pulled off and think we've gotta them whipped and two hours later there are more bloated ticks.

On the human side, ticks like my hubby, but I've never (knock on wood) had a tick on me---but the mosquitos, knats, and biting flies more than make up for the lack of ticks---and they by in large don't bother my hubby.

If someone has a better cure for the scourge-please post!!!!

Also have you had a bunch on your horses? Some of our little foals are packed with them-

Hope you're getting rained or snowed on today---

Thanks for the tip on Frontline, will have to get some.

For horses Pourodon works very well.
Maybe I better qualify that, usually it works very well. We use it every year. You just pour it on from the ears to the tail. Usually one treatment does the trick.

Hanta Yo, I have never heard of anything like you repeated here. YUK and DOUBLE YUK!! That is the thing about ticks, see one and you feel creepy-crawly for hours!

Be interesting to know what has caused such an outbreak this spring.
Frontline works on our dog, too. Our vet recommended we place the tube along his back to his tail rahter than on one spot. The ticks don't even attach, knock on wood, they were crawling off him the other night. This si our 2nd year using Frontline with good results. One crawled on my 3 year old daughter who screamed bloody murder. Her dad was trying to get her to calm down to tell him what was wrong while holding her. I guess I could tell it was "GET THIS CREEPY THING OFF OF ME!" scream because I walked up to her pulled her arm straight and picked the tick and then screamed (silently in my head)all the way to the toilet where I flushed it down. Had the creepy crawlies for awhile. Man, I hate those things.
We can't get Frontline here, but Defend works just as well. Lasts for three to four weeks. Also Revolution will work, but you have to do it every two weeks instead of once a month like you do for fleas.

The only hope with a tick collar is to make skin contact with it, but who wants a dog on the truck seat that's covered in insecticide? :?

Another bonus of using Defend is that those poor German Shepherds who have problems with flies chewing their ears get instant relief from the flies. :)

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