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Short Fuse

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Jan 3, 2010
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He had a reputation----rodeo was the game
to ride him a full 8 seconds----Short Fuse was his name
as i slid down on his back----they opened up the chute
it was all that i could do----to keep from going mute

and as i swore----again to never ride
i began to fall----towards the fence, on the outter-side
all i could see----were posts and fence galore
as i pulled myself back up----i vowed to ride no more

Short Fuse won his game----i went home unhurt
i'll always remember those fence post----as i hit the dirt
rodeos are for watching---Short Fuse now retired
i'll sit back and watch----the young and newly hired

depends on what side of fence----if rodeo is fun
who spends or makes the money----and when it's time to run
i still love the ranch----and rodeo of course
Short Fuse was a legend----i'll never forget that horse.

written by Richard

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