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Should I......

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Feb 22, 2008
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west chilcotin bc
be concerned? There's a big yellow ball coming over the horizon this morning. Not sure what it is.

Creek is down some, I guess the -5 C here may have something to do with it.
Bit of a coincidence we have one of those way up in the sky. Seems to have some heat coming off of it. I see one forecast has rain in it for Thursday here. We should be dry enough to seed by then. :roll: Be careful out there you could sunburn your head while stuck in a sinkhole. :wink:
Post a pic for the rest of us still stuck in a fog bank :? .

Glad you're finally getting some sunlight, it's supposed to make an appearance here tomorrow :D .
Beautiful afternoon, hammered rain and hail for an hour and a half. :roll:
We watched Rio Bravo. Now we'll take salt to MM like we were going to do right after lunch and check out the main road.

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