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Sh's Round Barn Pictures

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Feb 10, 2005
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Since this is Fightless Friday, I just thought I would mention that I have received SH's CD with the round barn pictures, They are great a whole disk full, he even has the well house, pump, a corn crib etc. If I ever figure out how I might post some here. Think I might need another program to prepare them for the internet.

About 16 years ago I got a new camera. to familiarize myself with it and learn to take better pictures I decided to use barns, churches, grain Elevators and sometimes bridges as my subjects. I then got my sister interested in the project, she took more barn pictures than I. I had them on posters for a while showed them at fairs a couple of time. It was sugested I copy the and make a book. My copies have not turned out to well, but will work on it some more.

Anyway want you all to know I do appreciate the pictures, Thanks SH!

Clarence, maybe somebody here could talk you thru the Photo bucket program as it takes it out of your documents or off CD's i think and put them in a format that fit's here. I just got it done by luck but I don't think I could tell you for sure. :cowboy:
In doing a little house cleaning today, I finally found my new digital camera. It had been misplaced for so long, I thought it might be gone forever. Anyway, there are some new photos of Dixie/Dusty on it and hopefully, tomorrow I can figure out how to put a new photo here for everyone. She has really grown, is a super neat dog. Sharp as a tack. Maybe a little too smart for us, but she is doing a pretty good job of getting us trained anyway.

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