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sick calf question

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Jul 16, 2007
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southeast Iowa
Have a 2 month old calf with the runs for the last 2 weeks green in color and at times stands with his tail cocked straining treated him a couple of times with nuflor turned him to grass 2 days ago he was laying down chewing his cud but has some sores on his rump today .any Idea what this is hopefully hes better in a day or two or is there something else I should treat him with.
If he starts the squirts again I would tube him with electrolytes, but add 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Helps to counter the acidosis in the stomach. It's hard to say what strain of scours he has, but if it's causing a chapped bottom it's definitely acidic. I've had several different types like that over the years and the baking soda always seemed to help.

Of course if the source is a mudhole in the pasture they just keep going back to it. I've had to fence off muddy areas before when we had outbreaks.
thanks for the ideas seems to be better maybe getting out of the winter lots and fresh grass was the key. vet said it could have been mold in ground hay

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